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Clients AgreementLast updated at 11.27.2017

1. General Conditions

1.1. This Agreement is concluded between «Rivenverse» (hereinafter referred to as «Studio») and an entity or a person (hereinafter referred to as «Client»), who ordered a video at the «Rivenverse» studio. The agreement comes into force on the date of transferring funds to the studio account, which is performed after the studio and the client agree upon the technical aspects of the order.

1.2. When paying for entire work or for its certain part performed, the client undertakes to pay full specified order amount taking into account all payment system or bank fees.

1.3. The studio will not be liable for the display quality of a video on various video hosting services.

1.4. Any work performed in the studio comes under the guidance of the studio, which means that it can be uploaded to studio’s portfolio and to other services, provided that the client did not buy out the absolute ownership.

1.5. The client undertakes to accept and realize all possible risks described in force majeure situations.

1.6. Working time refers to a work week from Monday to Friday. Weekends are Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays according to the Russian Federation calendar.

1.7. The studio works on a pre-paid basis. The studio starts working after an advance payment is made, and when a final payment is transferred, the studio delivers a completed order to the client. Until the full payment for the completed order is made, the client can be provided with video records having copyright marks and watermarks.

1.8. The client agreement may be amended or supplemented at any time. Changes become effective and mandatory for clients on the date they are published on wwwrivenverse.com. The client keeps track of changes in the agreement on his own; no additional notifications about changes in terms of the agreement are sent to studio’s clients.

2. Rights and responsibilities of the studio

2.1. The studio reserves the right to refuse an order or to put an order on the waiting list for execution, thereat informing the client and discussing details.

2.2. The studio has the right to cancel an order if the client violates a number of rules in the work process. The following clauses are subjects to the rules: fundamental changing of technical requirements in the work process, reducing terms, insulting studio’s staff. This list is not complete and can be extended at any time.

2.3. The studio has the right to specify the authorship at the end of a video, placing a logo or textual information about the involvement in its creation, provided that the video is classified as a work of art.

2.4. The studio has the right not to refund transferred payments or to re-do an order in case the client refuses to accept the completed order under the following circumstances: The work was carried out without technical requirements or based on an example; At the client’s request the work was carried out completely at the discretion of the studio; The work was carried out based on incomplete technical requirements (for example, incorrect colors, animations, etc.) and the client refused to furnish corrections to the project during the work process.

2.5. If an order is completed, but the client fails to respond within 30 days or refuses to pay for completed order, the studio has the right to change data in the video and to upload it to studio’s portfolio. In such a case, the completion of the order is determined by the studio, and money transferred for the work is not subject to return.

2.6. The studio undertakes not to pass a client’s order and project files to third parties or other studios, which are not responsible for development of the project. This means that only the client and the studio have the rights for the completed order.

2.7. The studio is obliged to provide an approximate or exact deadline for an order. However, if the deadline is imposed by the client, the studio has the right just to take the client’s request into consideration, provided that the task is impossible to fulfill. The studio is obliged to notify the client about this.

2.8. The studio is obliged to provide an executed piece of work within the time specified by the studio. However, the studio assumes no responsibility to meet deadlines in the event of force majeure situations, as well as errors occurred due to client’s fault or an improvement of the current order.

2.9. The studio reserves the right to switch over from one order to the next in a waiting list, if the client: does not respond, disappears, slows down a general workflow of the studio or is unable to confirm any changes in the order. The order gets in a waiting list until the client responds and a date of further work resumption is specified.

2.10. If an order is canceled by the client after having waited in line for a long time for execution, the studio obtains a percentage of a paid order amount, provided that studio’s staff discussed details of the order with the client. The percentage to be taken is specified by the studio. This is due to the fact that the order flow is continuous and some clients are not satisfied with waiting for their turn, thus the studio loses both potential clients and orders, when reserving a place for the client in a waiting list for execution.

2.11. The funds transferred by the client are not subject to return if the client fails to provide technical requirements and to make appearance within 30 days. In this case, the studio can complete an order in accordance with the order amount paid or consider the paid order amount as a prepayment and get the rest of the payment for the order after completing the work.

2.12. The studio has the right not to refund money spent by the client, if the client violates a number of rules and subsequently the order is canceled in the work process.

2.13. The studio has the right to request payment for corrections made on the client’s request to the video being developed, if the development of the video is delayed, the video was made according to the technical task, also if the corrections are received during long period.

3. Rights and responsibilities of the client

3.1. The client is obligated to provide technical requirements. If no technical requirements are provided before the studio starts working on an order, the studio has the right to execute the order at its own.

3.2. If the client participates in the development of a video in the studio or the client’s presence is required during the development, the client undertakes to notify the studio about the inability to continue working at a certain time (holidays, feeling ill, etc.). If the client fails to perform this obligation and the work process is stopped due to client’s fault, the studio waives the responsibility for the deadline.

3.3. The client has the right to cancel an order and to receive his funds back based on the following criteria:

3.3.1. 100% refund will be paid, provided the client cancels the order within one week and the work is not started.

3.3.2. If the work is started and money is spent for activities such as voiceovers, graphics, etc., the order cancellation is possible, but not the full order amount will be returned.

3.3.3. If the work runs too far and all the prepaid funds are used for the development of a video, nothing will be paid back. The client is solely liable for all the losses.

3.4. The client has the right to request different video extensions (.mp4, .mov, .avi, etc.) and different quality (bitrate and video resolution).

3.5. The client has the right to request corrections to a project, if an executed part of the order or the entire order is not in compliance with its technical requirements, both partially or completely.

3.6. The client has the right to request development of a new video if the first version of the executed order is completely not in compliance with its technical requirements.

3.7. The client has the right to manage a process of creating a video (for example, through screen sharing).

3.8. The client has the right to buy out his order for an additional payment of 50% from the cost of the order. In this case, the studio completely disclaims any intellectual property rights, and hereafter this order cannot be uploaded by the studio to video hosting services, social media and its own resources or transferred to third parties.

3.9. The client has no right to demand re-doing entire work if:

3.9.1. When ordering, technical requirements were written and the work was performed based on them.

3.9.2. The client monitored the work process.

3.9.3. A week has passed after the completion of the order.

3.9.4. An example was given and a wish was formulated to act “at the discretion of the studio”.

3.9.5. When ordering, poor technical requirements were provided covering only basics without details.

3.10. For an additional payment of 25% from the cost of the order the client has the right to obtain a project of a program with all file attachments used to carry out the work. At the same time, the cost of changes is specified by the studio and depends on a type, quantity and complexity of the changes. If after receiving the project files, the client starts selling them, the studio declines all responsibility for the project files and the changes.

3.11. The client does not have the right to request a certain number of options of a video (stylistics, design) in order to “take a look and choose the best.” Our studio is not a fitting room.

3.12. The client has no right to request other options of various elements in a video if: They are not specified in technical requirements; they are specified, but not in full (It is specified “what”, but not “how”); it is allowed to act at the discretion of the studio.

3.13. If after technical requirements are provided and funds are specified by the client, additional changes are introduced into the technical requirements, thereby increasing the execution time of the order, the total order amount will also be changed.

3.14. If the client fails to provide detailed technical requirements and is unwilling to draw it up, the work will be performed at our discretion and preferences. In this case, the work will not be re-done by the studio.

3.15. If for whatever reason the client refuses to accept an executed order and to pay the rest of specified order amount, the studio automatically acquires all rights for client’s order and the video goes to studio’s portfolio and can be published on video hosting services (with copyright mark covering the video or modified content data). Moreover, the work product can be offered for sale without return of an advance to the client.

4. Force Majeure

4.1. The fact of force majeure circumstances, as well as the applicability is determined by the studio.

4.2. The force majeure circumstances include any natural and political phenomena, events, actions that lead to general destabilization of the studio or violation of certain operational aspects due to client’s fault. The list of force majeure circumstances is not complete and can be extended.

4.3. In the event of force majeure, our studio has the right to freeze current orders for a period determined by the studio. Besides, the studio reserves the right not to return the balance for the uncompleted part of the work, but undertakes to finish it.

5. Video Hostings

5.1. Each client of the studio who ordered a certain kind of work has the right to contact us for further removal of content from someone else’s video or channel, provided that it was downloaded by unauthorized people.

6. Altering the Clients Agreement

6.1. Rivenverse has the right to alter the given Clients Agreement. Upon amending the current version of the Clients Agreement, the date of the last update will be indicated accordingly. The new version of the Clients Agreement shall come into force from the moment of its posting unless otherwise specified in the new edition of the Policy. The current version of the Clients Agreement is always available at www.rivenverse.com.

6.2. The current legislation of the Russian Federation is applicable to both the given Clients Agreement and the relationships established between the User and Rivenverse due to exercising the Clients Agreement.